60’s Mania

60’s Mania

60’s MANIA – The British Explosion

60’s Mania features a 5 piece outfit paying tribute to all the great acts of The British Invasion.  The British Invasion was a phenomenon that occurred in the mid 1960’s when rock and pop music acts from The United Kingdom, as well as other aspects of British culture, became popular in The United States. Audiences will be treated to songs from bands such as The Beatles, The Kinks, Hermin’s Hermits, Rolling Stones, The Who and many more. 

60’s Mania adds the wonderful Bonnie Kellett to the show performing all of your favourite female British acts such as Lulu, Dusty Springfield, Petula Clarke, Sandi Shaw, Helen Shapiro and many more.  Bonnie has performed in many shows across Australia such as Frogs On Toast, Michael Jackson / Bruno Mars Show, Rhythms Of The World and many more. 

60’s Mania will feature a Beatles segment paying tribute to one of the biggest bands of The Invasion. 

For a night filled with great music that you can dance to, come and be entertained by 60’s Mania – The British Explosion. 

18 years+


Date Details
March 30th 2019 at 8:30 pm $15.00