Veteran Support

Club Parramatta has been built on the foundations of what was initially established as an RSL and it continues to be dedicated to the support of veterans. This remains an important aspect of the Club today.

CHRG continues to fund the City of Parramatta RSL sub-Branch administrative and welfare services, as well as provide dedicated spaces and support to Legacy, War Widows and a number of other initiatives to support modern veterans and their families.

We have also established of a dedicated Office and Administration area and a House of History and Memorabilia for the City of Parramatta RSL sub-Branch (located at 7 Macquarie Street), which showcases decades of war relics and keepsakes for current and future generations to learn from. The Ode of Remembrance Book, the Memorial and Eternal Flame, and Dedication Stones are located on the site of Club Parramatta.

To learn more about our veteran support initiatives, get in contact with the sub-Branch or our local Swiss 8 coordinator.

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